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Illustration and publishing of children's book series Monica and Friends


Storytelling is often called “the essential activity of human beings.” We communicate and discover ourselves through story; and we all have our own to tell. We are all storytelling animals. The Animal is a personal storytelling experience about the pain in growth and the beauty in the mundane. Through a short series of children’s books inspired by my own experiences, this project aims to connect us through story. In times of happiness and times of sorrow, stories are used to pull us away – even for a fleeting moment – from our busy minds. I find a bit of normalcy in story, and I believe, whether you know it or not, you all do too. My hope is that The Animal, along with the mini-series Monica and Friends* that was born from it, brings it's readers a small bit of peace.


*My senior thesis is broken into two parts. The Animal, which is the research portion of the project and the outcome of my findings, Monica and Friends, a mini-series of books called Monica Goes to College and Mickey Learns a Lesson.

Both books are available for purchase on Barnes & Noble:

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