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Social Media 

I have run several social media accounts for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike, as well as working for a social media agency as a designer. I have experience with content strategy, sourcing and designing creative assets, copywriting, and creating a brand voice. Here's where I thrive:

I can build a recognizable visual reputation on your feed.


Research shows that we make first impressions within the first 7 seconds. When it comes to social media, all you have to offer a visitor is the first nine squares of your Instagram. I'll make sure your content is on trend, and tells your brand story.

I can create dynamic and engaging stories

About 500 million people use Instagram stories every single day. I can help you tap into your niche audience and tailor engaging, beautiful stories to increase your brand awareness and engagement with your community.

At Metta Society Agency - working on the various brands (featured above) - I created brand education/informational stories to garner brand trustworthiness.

I can create engaging narratives through video content.

One of my key strengths is in video content and editing. I can edit your videos and create custom content for your brand that is engaging and on trend. From filming, to editing, to creating moving graphics - I can create videos that will have a high reach and engagement rate.

I can create design beautiful informational carousels.

Some people think that educational content doesn't get as high of a reach on social. I think if you're speaking to the right audience, and you're sharing information you know your followers can benefit from, you will show your trustworthiness and knowledge as a brand. I can create brand focused informational posts, with either given or sourced research, to inspire your followers with valuable and relevant market insights.

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